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When you represent injury victims and their families, it’s personal because you represent lives turned upside down by careless and negligent acts.

The San Tan Valley personal injury attorneys at Tobin and Dove PLLC provide clients with personalized, attentive services to recover from physical and emotional injuries. We’re here for you and your family when you need trusted legal counsel to seek justice from the liable party.

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Call 480-750-2355 to schedule a free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys in San Tan Valley. Tobin and Dove PLLC accepts personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis — meaning you don’t pay attorney fees until you receive compensation.

Our team of legal professionals at Tobin and Dove PLLC immediately begins an investigation to secure and protect evidence required to prove liability. Our top rated Scottsdale injury attorneys have the skills, resources, and experience to handle your personal injury claim. Call 480-750-2355 to learn more about how the Tobin and Dove PLLC difference can help win your case.

Common Personal Injury Claims & Case Types in San Tan Valley, Arizona

Our San Tan Valley personal injury attorneys handle a variety of injury case types. Our accident lawyers Shawn Dove and Timothy Tobin fight insurance companies, trucking companies, home insurance providers, drivers, and those who cause injuries and deaths through negligence, recklessness, or carelessness. Some of the common Arizona personal injury cases our Phoenix injury attorneys handle include:

San Tan Valley Car Accident Lawsuits

San Tan Valley Car Accident Lawsuits

Car and automobile accidents in San Tan Valley, including motor vehicle-related bicycle accidents, semi-truck accidents, and pedestrian accidents, can cause traumatic injuries for victims. In some cases, the injuries are life-threatening. Our San Tan Valley personal injury lawyers and San Tan motorcycle wreck attorneys can help you seek compensation for injuries, damages, and losses so that you can recover from an automobile vehicle accident caused by another party.

San Tan Valley Truck Accident Lawsuits

San Tan Valley Truck Accident Lawsuits

Commercial trucks and other large vehicles provide a valuable service by transporting goods throughout the United States. But sharing the road with these massive vehicles can be deadly. Most fatalities and injuries in truck accidents are people in other vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians. You need a truck and car accident attorney in San Tan Valley who understands the complexities of handling a truck accident claim to protect your Chandler injury claim.

Motorcycle Accidents Injuries in San Tan

Motorcycle Accidents Injuries in San Tan

Motorcycle accidents can be very dangerous for the motorcyclist because of the lack of protection offered by a motorcycle. In many cases, the rider is thrown from the bike. When the rider collides with another object, catastrophic injuries, including brain damage, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, and amputations are possible. It’s important to hire an experienced San Tan Valley AZ motorcycle accident attorney to combat unfair stereotypes insurance companies use to fight motorcycle accident claims.

Dog Bites & Dog Attacks in San Tan Valley

Dog Bites & Dog Attacks in San Tan Valley

Dog attack injury lawsuits in Arizona can cause nerve damage, scarring, broken bones, PTSD, and disfigurement. Children are at a higher risk of dog attacks than other age groups. In Arizona, a dog doesn’t need to be vicious or have a history of attacks for the owner to be held liable. Arizona dog owners are strictly liable for damages caused when their dog attacks or bites another person. Contact our Mesa dog bite lawyers and Gilbert dog bite attorneys to file a San Tan dog bite injury claim.

San Tan Valley Wrongful Death Lawsuits

San Tan Valley Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Our Apache Junction personal injury lawyers handle wrongful death claims associated with a variety of accidents and incidents. If you lose a loved one due to another’s negligent or reckless behavior, your family may be entitled to compensation with help from one of our Mesa personal injury attorneys. While money will not ease your pain or bring back your loved one, a wrongful death action can help you seek justice for your family.

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Shawn H. Dove and Timothy J. Tobin work to ensure our Mesa motorcycle accident injury law firm is different than other law firms. We strive to provide the type of personalized service that clients would expect from a small boutique law firm but with the resources, skills, and experience you find in a large, regional law firm. Some of the ways we strive to be the AZ personal injury law firm our clients can say they would hire again if they needed a Gilbert AZ personal injury lawyer to help them or another member of their family file an accident claim. How do we go above and beyond to help our clients?

Apache Junction injury law firm on your side

Our Injury Lawyers Are on Your Side

When fighting large corporations, government entities, or insurance companies, you need a San Tan Valley personal injury law firm to conduct thorough and comprehensive accident investigations to determine the accident’s cause. Under Arizona law, you must prove that the other party was responsible for causing the accident to recover compensation. Therefore, your Tempe AZ injury attorney needs to have experience investigating claims, identifying the responsible parties, and obtaining evidence that proves fault and liability.

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No-Fee Injury Claim Commitment

Our Tempe car accident injury lawyers understand you may experience a fiscal crisis from the accident and injury. We don’t want you to worry about how to pay an attorney for legal advice and representation. We believe every accident victim deserves access to experienced, skilled, and dedicated legal representation. Our No Fee Commitment means you won’t owe attorney fees unless we recover compensation for your claim. Call 480-750-2355 for your free consultation with one of our Queen Creek personal injury attorneys.

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Call 480-750-2355 now to schedule a free consultation with one of the San Tan Valley personal injury lawyers and Queen Creek dog attack attorneys of Tobin and Dove PLLC. It doesn’t cost you to learn about your legal rights and options when holding a negligent party accountable for your losses, pain, and suffering.

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Accident Lawyers San Tan Valley 85142
Accident Lawyers San Tan Valley 85142

If you’ve been injured as a result of negligence of another person or party, contact the experienced accident lawyers in San Tan Valley 85142 at Tobin and Dove PLLC.

Best Accident Attorneys Arizona 85140
Best Accident Attorneys Arizona 85140

When you need to file an injury claim in San Tan Valley, trust the best accident attorneys near you in the area of 85140 to provide top-rated personal injury claim services.

Trusted Arizona Accident Injury Law Firm Nearby
Arizona Accident Injury Law Firm Nearby

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident? Tobin and Dove PLLC is the #1 Chandler dog bite lawyer and accident injury law firm nearby you in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

#1 Accident Law Firm in San Tan Valley 85143
#1 Accident Law Firm in San Tan 85143

Get compensated for your injuries with the #1 accident law firm in San Tan Valley 85143. Our Gilbert motorcycle injury lawyers are top rated on Avvo, Yelp, & Google.

San Tan Valley Injury Attorneys Near Me
San Tan Valley Injury Attorneys Near Me

Mesa accident injury victims often ask if there is a injury attorney near me. Our local San Tan Valley injury attorneys provide injury claim services locally near you.

Arizona Accident Injury Lawsuit Legal Help
24/7 Accident Injury Lawsuit Legal Help

Need legal help for your accident injury lawsuit in San Tan Valley? Contact Tobin and Dove for a free San Tan injury case consultation and get the legal help you need.

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Fighting for Full Compensation of All Injury Claims

Insurance companies don’t want you to consult with our San Tan Valley injury lawyers or Phoenix motorcycle injury attorneys because we know your case’s true value. Our Gilbert car accident lawyers and AJ auto accident attorneys calculate the value of accident and injury claims based on compensation for all financial losses and the maximum compensation available for pain and suffering damages. We believe that every Queen Creek motorcycle accident injury victim deserves to recover full compensation for all damages. In a Queen Creek personal injury claim, victims are entitled to receive compensation for a variety of financial and non-economic damages. You may be entitled to compensation for the following:

Medical costs covered by injury claim in San Tan Valley
Cost of Medical Care

Costs of medical care include emergency room visits, physicians, surgeries, physical therapy, medication & medical equipment.

Recover damages for lost income in San Tan Valley injury lawsuit
Loss of Income

Loss of income and wages in a personal injury claim includes wages, salaries, bonuses, and other forms of compensation.

Compensate costs of personal care with San Tan Valley injury lawyers
Cost of Personal Care

Costs covered in the event you are unable to care for yourself or need assistance in performing household or personal tasks.

Property damage or loss in San Tan Valley accident case
Property Damage

Property damage related to the injury, including the cost to repair or replace your vehicle and the loss of any personal property.

Permanent disabilities, injuries, or impairments in San Tan Valley accident
Permanent Impairments

Long-term impairments and permanent disabilities including scarring, disfigurement, paralysis, and other disabilities.

Recover damages for pain and suffering after accident injury in San Tan, AZ
Pain and Suffering Damages

Pain and suffering damages include physical pain, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, PTSD, and emotional suffering.

Recover future financial and emotional damages in San Tan Valley
Future Damages

Future damages may include medical costs, personal care, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and ongoing pain and suffering.

San Tan Valley injury claim to cover funeral expenses and costs
Funeral Expenses and Costs

In the event of a wrongful death, injury victims and their loved ones can recover expenses and costs related to funeral and burial.

Out-of-pocket costs and expenses covered by San Tan accident injury claim
Other Out-of-Pocket Costs

Personal injury claim victims can recover alternative out-of-pocket costs associated with the accident, your injury, or your recovery.

What To Do After an Accident or Injury in San Tan Valley, Arizona

Being injured in an accident can be overwhelming. Victims may not know the steps to protect their legal rights. Our San Tan Valley injury claim attorneys and car accident attorneys in Chandler provide support and guidance while seeking a fair and just outcome in your injury case.

If injured in an auto accident in Scottsdale, some of the important steps you should take include:

San Tan Valley AZ personal injury lawsuit
  • Report the accident immediately to the police (traffic accidents), property owner, or other responsible party.
  • If possible, take photographs and make videos of the accident scene and obtain the names and contact information for eyewitnesses.
  • Seek immediate medical attention. A delay in medical treatment can be harmful to your health, but it can also hurt your chances of recovering compensation from the other party.
  • Don’t provide a written or recorded statement or sign documents for the other party or their insurance provider until you consult with one of our San Tan Valley personal injury lawyers.
  • Don’t discuss your accident or injuries with anyone other than your attorney. Avoid using social media or posting information online until you discuss the case with a personal injury attorney in San Tan Valley.
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Lawyers Shawn Dove and Timothy Tobin and the entire legal team of Arizona car accident lawyers at Tobin and Dove PLLC are here to help during this difficult, frustrating, and painful experience. The insurance company has a team of experienced professionals working to protect the company’s best interest. You deserve a Chandler motorcycle accident legal team fighting to protect your rights and interests.

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